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Advanced Yoga & Wellness teacher, Indian yoga association

500 HRS,Yoga Association of Alberta
B.Com, M.A ( Economics)


Yoga is a way of conscious living and it strives to bring a balance between all the different layers of human being. Samatvam means equanimity or balance and according to Bhagwat Gita Yoga is equanimity (Samatvam yog uchyate). 

Yoga works on a human being as a whole and does not divide body-mind in a water tight compartments. 

Traditional Yoga

Maharishi Patanjali in the 2nd century systematized and codified the existing knowledge of yoga and  presented it to the world in a very structured way through Patanjali yoga sutras. This text comprising of 195 sutras is the foundation and basis of classical yoga.

There are different paths of yoga like Mantra yoga, Laya yoga, Hatha yoga, Raja yoga with the same goal of achieving yoga, a state where knowledge can happen.


The goal of yoga is spiritual but the practices done in yoga gives benefit to the body and the mind. 


I am a lifelong student of Yoga and Vedanta and I love sharing the ancient and wholistic teachings of yoga the way I have learned from my teachers.

I have had the opportunity to learn  yoga under the guidance of some of the experienced teachers at Kaivalyadhama, India. Even though I was practicing asana or pranayama from a young age, the training introduced me to the world of yoga in its true sense; yoga in its wholistic form.


 I continued my studies at Kaivalyadhama and studied Ayurveda course for yoga teachers, Pranayama, and Meditation with senior teachers and still continue to do so.

I passionately share the unique teachings of Swami Gitananda of Rishiculture Ashtanga yoga tradition as well where I studied yoga step by step, Deeper Gitananda yoga, Nada yoga, Yantra, Adhikara yoga under the guidance of Dr. Ananda Balyogi Bhavnani. This lineage literally introduced me to the unique teachings of the siddha tradition.

I feel blessed to study Vedanta (Advaita/non dualistic philosophy)on an ongoing basis under Swami Brahmanisthananda Saraswati, senior disciple of Swami Dayananda Sarawati and founder of Brahma Vidya Gurukulam in Edmonton.

Yoga is a part of my life for almost 25 years and with thousands of hours in formal, informal and ongoing trainings, I am sharing them in Edmonton for almost a decade. Bhajans drew me towards itself at the age of 1 and I started singing bhajans at 6 years of age. I like to share some bhajans at the end of my retreats or special workshops.

I have spoken at the wellness conferences, written articles for yoga magazines and led various philosophy and pranayama sessions as a trainer in the teacher training programs. 

What to expect in my sessions:

The idea behind every session is to bring Samatvam; balance and harmony through the practices of:

Shuddhi Kriyas/ Cleansing practices

Asana/Postures in a mindful way

Pranayama/ Breathing practices & Corrective breathing techniques

Mudras/Body and hand Gestures to balance glandular secretions


Pratyahara and Jnana Kriyas & Prakriyas

(Calming the senses & mind)

Contemplative practices leading towards meditation

All the practices are done slowly to develop awareness of the body, mind and beyond. 

I like to combine the knowledge of Ayurveda to customize every class to the individual need and condition and that is why I prefer smaller groups and one on one sessions. It helps me to suggest lifestyle changes, diet along with yoga practices suited to their need and requirement. 

Yoga is therapeutic and there is something for everybody. I have offered some of the specialized classes to these groups and most of them can still be found on my schedule.

Bridging the Gap groups

Youth at risk

Chair yoga to people with Parkinsons

Manage Arthritis through yoga 

Manage Stress and anxiety through yoga

Learn to breathe series & Pranayama sessions

Chair yoga for Seniors 

Teacher trainer:

Pranayama: 500 HRS, Empowered yoga

Yoga Philosophy: 200 HRS, Empowered yoga

Pranayama: 200 HRS, Yoga Within


"Atha Yog Anushasanam " - PYS 1:1

Let's begin the discipline of Yoga NOW.


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Ana Montes, Edmonton

"Cannot say enough things about Neeru. She teaches traditional hatha yoga which is a wonderful practice to relax after a long day at work. Neeru is very knowledgeable and you can feel her passion for teaching yoga as a way of life. She is also friendly, warm, and very welcoming to new people wanting to practice yoga. I spent all day sitting in front of a computer at work and practising yoga with Neeru has helped tto have a better posture and to feel better about my low back. I also love the relaxaing techniques and her  her orientation towards the breathing and meditative techniques that help you to relawhile being mindful about yourself."

"Yoga has a complete message for entire humanity. It has a message for the human body.It has a message for the human mind and it also has a message for the human soul".    SWAMI KUVLAYANANDA

Happy Participants


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