Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Asanas are special pattern of postures that stabilize the mind and body. They aim at establishing proper rhythm in the neuromuscular tonic impulses improving the general tone of the muscles. Asanas are not exercises but they are psycho-[physiological practices that brings tranquility in the mind. Asanas can be classified into 3 divisions:

1) Meditative Asanas

2)Cultural Asanas

3)Relaxative asanas

There are certain principles which needs to be followed while performing an Asana.

1) Asana is a particular posture of the body to be maintained. It is not a dynamic activity of repetitive type

2) Inan Asana there is no repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles.

3) No jerky actions are involved.

4) Stability and comfort are the basic characteristics of Asana.

5) One is expected to maintain the Asana within comfortable limits and try to relax more and more.

6) Energy expenditure in an asana is minimum.

7) Main purpose of asana is to bring suppleness of bodyand contribute to the steadiness of the body and mind through the medium of optimum muscle tone.

8) It is the pattern of the Asana that is more important than the final posture of the Asana.

Ref: Guidelines for yogic practices - Dr. M L Gharote

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